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Gina Croce

Gina Croce is an Artist/Teacher living in Massachusetts with her husband Jim and two adorable dogs, Opie and Sprocket.

After taking her first art class at the age of 6, she has been obsessed with drawing and painting ever since! 


Growing up in a DOD family, Gina traveled extensively as a child and as a freshmen in High School, moved to Naples, Italy where she attended Forrest Sherman Naples American High School.  The beauty and culture in Italy only enhanced and inspired her to create more of her own art.  While raising her three boys and now a grandmother of 7, Croce has continued to paint and inspire throughout her life. 

Although Gina works mainly in watercolor, she also paints in both oil and acrylic.   The subject matter she chooses is as diverse as her life, opting to try new and challenging things with each painting and subject she chooses!   

Being self taught,  Gina has developed her own unique style and teaching methods.    During the pandemic though, teaching at her studio has become impossible so she is offering both group and private zoom classes!   Join us for a fun and educational experience!   

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